Fargesia /Thamnocalamus


1) Selon le code international de nomenclature, le terme Murieliae est incongru car le nom dérive de Muriel, fille de Wilson.

2) Selon J.P. Demoly, le genre fargesia, nom commun ou nom horticale attribué généralement, est impropre, et il s'agit d'une section des Thamnocalamus

3) En général, ces bambous se plaisent à l'ombre et les feuilles s'enroulent au soleil.

4) Croissance lente. Effet "pleureur" lorsqu'il est bien adulte et possède des branches plus longues qui plient sous le poids des feuilles.

5) Sortie des turions relativement tardives (A partir de Mai-Juin), contrairement au Robustus

6) cultivars suivants:



Th. Murielae  Pinokkio
Th. Murielae (Gamble) Dem
Th. Murielae Bimbo
Th. Murielae Dragon
Th. Murielae Gentle Giant
Th. Murielae Grùne Hecke
Th. Murielae Jumbo (Bloei)
Th. Murielae Kranich (Bloei
Th. Murielae Lava
Th. Murielae Leda
Th. Murielae Novacento
Th. Murielae Simba
Th. Murielae Standing Stone
Th. Murielae Weihenstephan
Th. Murielae Willow



-murieliae   Between 1990 and 2000 almost all the plants has  flowered. Because Fargesia murieliae outside China was represented by only one clone, there were only seed formed by self-pollination. Due to this it has been difficult to find good and strong plants between the seedlings. Finally there are some reasonable selections, but not one has the vitality and vigor of the mother plant.

-murieliae 'Bimbo'  Compact growing dwarf form with fine leaves. It is good to use in a perennial border or low hedge. New Generation   
Height 1-1.5 m.   half shadow till shadow    hardy between  -20/-25°C

-murieliae 'Fresena'   New Generation  
Height 3 m.   sun till shadow       hardy between  -20/-25°C

-murieliae ‘Gentle Giant’
-murieliae ‘Knud’, Dwarf
Height 3-4 m.  half shadow  .    hardy between  -20/-25°C    

-murieliae 'Lava' Lower selection. New Generation   
Height 1-2m.   half shadow till shadow    hardy between  -20/-25°C

-murieliae 'Vampire' Sun resistant form.
Height 3-4 m.    sun till shadow     hardy between  -20/-25°C

-murieliae 'Standing Stone'    New Generation      
Height 2 till  3 m.+    sun till shadow      hardy between  -20/-25°C    

-murieliae '1992' Fargesia murieliae 1992 has been removed from the collection.
 This is the story: In 1992 I received from Mike Bell the first 12 seeds of Fargesia murieliae which had started flowering. Five seedlings came up and became reasonably good plants. These were planted in a garden in Valkenswaard where there was already a small Fargesia murieliae. After a few years the owner asked me if I wanted these bamboos back, because he had other plans for his garden. Among these plants I discovered a really nice specimen, which I planted in my garden on the same spot where my Fargesia murieliae had been flowering. It grew to a very fine plant and I could hardly believe that amongst my five seedlings one so closely resembled the old murieliae, as others had to go through thousands of seedlings to find a few usable plants. I tried to be humble, but Fargesia murieliae 1992 was spread as new generation by experts and colleagues and praised by quite a few. With the name ‘1992’ I wanted to make clear that this plant, sown in 1992, belonged to the new generation. Until I -and some others as well- discovered the flowers in spring 2011.At first I thought nature had made a mistake and that this bamboo painfully surprised us with premature flowering. Now I know that together with the five seedlings I also received the small Fargesia murieliae already growing in that garden. This was an in-vitro (lab) reproduced old Fargesia murieliae that was rejuvenated by hormonal treatment and that because of its long delayed flowering just recently revealed its true identity.